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  • Aditya on 2012-Mar-04 02:54:27 Aditya said

    Dear Bryan,I am so sad that my attempt to acnhexge information with you has been ridiculed and rejected (presumably? I still haven't had a definitive no, and I hold out hope still )I hold in my head the secrets to wonders you cannot even begin to dream of:You wish to turn base metals to gold? I know the secrets of alchemy.You want to know the hidden secrets of the illuminati? I taught Dan brown everything he knows.You want to know the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle? I am the master of Bermudan geometry.You want to know where the pirates buried their treasure? I know where X marks the spot.In short Bryan you had the opportunities to hold the secrets of the universe in the palms of your hands and all I wanted to know in return was what you thought the smoke monster in Lost really looked like to John Locke as he saw it in the first series.Never mind though, I have other contacts to pursue. Your loss. Watch out for the name Daniel C. Adams to be writ large across your world.YoursDanPS if you could just send me your bank details I'd love to acnhexge some more info with you??

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